The summer of 1998 was in a word, delightful. I was working at a summer camp in the Adirondack Mountains, a half hour from the nearest town. The isolation was amazing, I loved it. The quiet, no cars, no planes overhead, just the people in camp and they were somewhat…

In October of 2020, I received the following note from a person whom I had never met or spoken with. Her name was Bobbie and the note read:


You are an inspiration to our community. Thank you.


Weeks earlier, I was feeling down and out. COVID-19 had been…

As a native of New Jersey, I must disagree with your conclusion. While I'm under no illusion that the state is great (far from it) - I challenge you on Pizza, Bagels, and Taylor Ham (aka Pork Roll). I challenge you to rival the quality and quantity outside of NYC and NJ.

I have said my piece. Good Day to you.

It’s not hiding in the dark places, it’s in the wide open waiting for you to grab it.

There’s a secret that I’ve learned and I want to share it with you.

It’s something that I keep running into in various forms through my reading and conversations with people. It’s something, that when I began to understood its meaning, I began to practice. …

Ken Kaus

A simple man trying his best to live a happy, simple life as a husband and father.

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